Building Credibility in Four Easy Steps

In the new flat world, power is mostly displaced by "credibility." It is not enough to be a senior anymore to bring about changes or make key decisions - if you don't have the credibility, people are likely to reject your ideas. And given the nature of roles in today's workplace, roles don't guarantee credibility. One must work hard to build it.
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Project Management

Learning to Lead Without Authority

In 2007, I experienced a career-altering moment. After being in the general manager role for Sniffer's India R&D center (subsequently acquired by NetScout) for four years, my new SVP of Engineering asked me if I would accept being a functional manager for my current direct reports. As a good company man, I consulted with all involved leaders and my direct reports, and enthusiastically said yes, while, to be honest, not completely grasping the importance of the opportunity.
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Stop ‘teaching’ students about entrepreneurship…!

Last weekend, I was at one of the youngest IIMs - IIM Udaipur to be a mentor at their annual event Prarambh where students and young entrepreneurs slog for 32 non-stop hours to build a 'startup'. No, not just a cool code hack but a (near-real) startup. The event ends with the teams pitching to real VCs. And who knows what can happen
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