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Founder & CEO, Thought Leadership
SAFe Program Consultant (SPC), CSP, CSPO, CSM, PMP, PRINCE2, Management 3.0

Tathagat (a.k.a. “TV”) is a software professional by education, computer scientist by accident, HR student by interest, project management practitioner by training, curious by nature, learner by habit, teacher by passion, wanderer by choice, digital influencer by night, servant leader by conviction, and a first-time author… In short, someone who never managed to become an expert because he was always busy learning new things…

Tathagat has been involved with hi-tech software product development since ’91 with Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), and subsequently with Siemens Telecom, Philips Medical Systems and Philips Digital Networks divisions, Huawei Technologies, McAfee, NetScout Systems and Yahoo! prior to joining at [24]7 Innovation Labs in significant technical and leadership roles, including starting-up and heading India operations for NetScout Systems between 2004 and 2009, heading Business Operations at Yahoo! and VP for Global Strategic Process Innovation at [24]7 Innovation Labs, before starting up with his coaching and consulting firm “Thought Leadership” in 2014.

At Yahoo!, as Head of Business Operations, he was responsible for Strategic Programs, Outsourced Product Development and Business Operations, and additionally led center-wide adoption of Agile, Business Excellence and IP Programs.

At [24]7 Innovation Labs, Tathagat was responsible for Strategic Process Innovations. His core expertise is large-scale new product development, project management, strategic program management, software process improvement, agile software development, general management, leadership development, organizational change management, cultural transformation and outsourced product development.

Tathagat also holds the unique distinction of being the youngest member of 13th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica, where he participated as scientist and stayed at the Indian permanent station Maitri for a period of 16 months during 1993-95, and studied data communication between India and Antarctica, and the effects of unique weather conditions on life-support systems in Antarctica.

Tathagat holds an MSc Computer Science from JK Institute of Applied Physics and Technology, Allahabad University, a Post Graduate Certificate in HR Management (PGCHRM) from Xavier Labor Research Institute School of Business and Human Resources (XLRI), Jamshedpur and Certificates in Business Leadership Skills, Executive Leadership and Financial Management from Cornell University, USA. In addition, he is also certified PMP, PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner, CSP, CSM, CSPO, Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant (SPC), and Sr. Member of IEEE and ACM.

Tathagat has volunteered with PMI Innovation and New Product Development Community of Practice and IEEE Technology Management Council and has been a visiting faculty on Project Management and Business Ethics courses. He has organized, mentored, and/or authored and presented multiple papers and talks at several national and international conferences and unconferences (GlobalScrumGathering2016, AgileIndia2016, TheGoaProject2016, GHCIndia2015,AgileNOIDA2015, AgileIndia2015TheGoaProject2015, DiscussAgileDay2015, AgileNOIDA2014, AgileDayWipro2014, AgileDayIntuit2014, AgileDaySamsung2014, AgileIndia2014, PMIPune2014, InnovationGermany2013, ScrumGatheringIndia2013, AgileColombo2013, AgileIndia13, ASIS12, PDMA12, GHC12, BSPIN12, Zinnov12, TEDxEmbassyGolfLinks2012, AgileIndia2012, AgileTours12, PMO11, SPICON11, AgileHyderabad11, etc.) and is a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the industry on these topics. He also blogs on his views on strategy, leadership, execution and management of software development at http://www.managewell.net.

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  • Experiences in Implementing Defect Prevention Activities in Software Product Development Lifecycle” presented at Philips Software Conference, [paper], [presentation]


  • Radio talk on “Job Definitions through the Internet” on All India Radio on 4-Jun-98



  • Guided Mr. Virendra Malpe, an ME Electronics and Telecom (Microwaves) student of Government College of Engineering, Pune, for his dissertation “Data Communication via Radio Modem using XMODEM File Transfer Protocol”
  • Guided Ms. Shree Kenghe, Ms. Neeta Pathak and Ms. Manisha Thakkar, BE (Computers) students of Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT), Pune for project on “Interconnecting of HF Radio-based Data Communication link with Link at R&DE(Engrs)”. This was continuation of my work involving HF Radio-based data communcation between Indian Antarctic Station “Maitri” and our research lab R&DE(Engrs) at Pune. In this project, we extended the work by interconnecting the HR Radio-based Data link and the LAN at office in Pune thus allowing anyone sitting in Pune to access the LAN at Antarctica




  • Algorithming and Programming“, paper presented at FOCUS-89 organized by IEEE-REC Student Branch, Trichy


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