Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership is a premier knowledge and learning based consulting, and offers coaching and consulting in the following three broad areas:

  • People – We believe People, Teams, Leadership and Culture are the most critical aspects of knowledge-creation endeavours, and we offer practice-led coaching and bespoke consulting in these areas.
  • Ideas – We not only need cool ideas, we also need to build awesome products. Thought Leadership offers coaching and consulting in the areas of Design Thinking, Creativity and Innovation, New Product Development, Human-centered Design, Lean Startups, and Agile Software Development.
  • Results – We help organisations improve execution by improving Project Management and Program Management practices, knowledge, skills and abilities, and measure the effectiveness of transformational initiatives and execution by designing strategic measurements and actionable metrics commensurate to the goals at each stage of transformation.

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Work with us

Thought Leadership is always keen to work with rockstars. While we are not offering ’employment’ in the traditional sense (at this point, but be in touch with us, and whenever we start, we will resume our conversations), we are keen to partner or collaborate with thinkers and doers who share a matching passion and comparable credibility in the field. To illustrate, these would be some of the crazy ways for us to get interested in you:

  • Google throws 10,000+ search results for your name
  • Your blog page has page rank of 3+ built entirely around your work (ideally 4+)
  • You have delivered 25+ talks in various industry forums (ideally 50+)
  • Your body of work is available for public scrutiny on various social media. Like us, you believe that knowledge should be free for the self-learner, but if someone needs professional help, we can always build a business model around it
  • You have made that one single contribution to your professional community that pushes the limits of knowledge and puts you in the league of thought leaders
  • People trust you. These might be your colleagues, your friends, your customers, your vendors, your housekeeping staff, your office boy, your disgruntled (and departing) employees, your audience…just about anyone who perhaps even has nothing to gain by trusting you
  • Your ‘competitors’ respect you (even behind your back!). They don’t need to like you (tell me one person who likes their competitors?), but respect is something else.
  • You know your blind spots (you get our extra admiration if you can talk publicly about them)
  • You are not afraid to make mistakes! In fact, you love them so much, you are always looking out for new ones to make 🙂
  • You can handle independence (if you think you can, think again!)
  • You can imagine working for yourself! (Since handling independence is important to us, we had to ask this once again in a roundabout manner)
  • You are a leader of influence. Age, seniority, tenure and titles don’t matter to you, corner office means nothing, and hierarchy only means that you know who all to influence to make things happen…
  • You embody personal values of unconditional respect for everyone, humility but not being seen as gullible or pushover, professional attitude to serve customer’s interests and employee’s engagement alike, and personal accountability
  • Apart from millions of small ideas, you have that one big original idea to change the world, and you are willing to talk non-stop about it without being shy or afraid. And not just talk, you have work to show…
  • You are a big volunteer! While you love the sight, sound and smell of money (no, we don’t advocate not paying bills – if you know what we mean!), you believe that you owe your accomplishments to hundreds of people who helped you in life and career – directly or indirectly – and the best way to thank them is to pay forward…
  • You are a fun guy (or a gal) to work and hangout with. Ideally, you will be the person who has a lot going on in life – be it photography, outdoors, charity, open source, writing a book, helping plant a forest…whatever that recharges you. Ideally, you will be moonlighting in your chosen area in broad daylight, and not just pursuing it like a silent ‘hobby’.
  • Above all, you have a good heart! 

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