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We owe a lot in our careers to the work done by people before us. It is only natural that we continue such unselfish efforts so that the coming generation of professionals benefits from our humble efforts. I volunteer for the following professional organizations:


I volunteer with Agile India for various conferences, including Asia’s biggest and most premier conference on Agile and Lean methods Agile India (2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011) as Organizer, Track Chair, Reviewer and Speaker. In addition, I am also the founding volunteer of Agile Leadership Network (ALN) Bangalore chapter.

IEEE Technology Management Council

I have been a member of IEEE last several years, and have been associated as a technical reviewer, especially with IEEE Software but have also been involved with other publications at times. It has been a great source of learning and professional development, and this year I am getting involved even more. We are starting the IEEE Technology Management Council (TMC) Bangalore chapter and I have been nominated as the Chair for 2008-2009. This is a great opportunity for technology management professionals in Bangalore to come together and create a community for knowledge sharing and mutual learning. We have excellent professionals as volunteers in our team, and we hope to organize expert talks, workshops, and plan to organize an international conference in 2009.

The year 2009 also coincides with 125th Anniversary of IEEE and a series of eight events celebrating IEEE’s 125 Years of Engineering the Future will take place in major world cities throughout the year. Host cities include Austin, Bangalore, Beijing, Boston, London, Munich, San Jose, and Tokyo. In addition, local celebrations and anniversary activities will be conducted by IEEE groups around the world.

We kicked-off the Bangalore Chapter on 29-Nov-2008, here is the link to photos of the launch event. Here is the link to TMC Bangalore chapter. We also conduct events to promote knowledge enhancement and professional networking. Please refer to the chapter flyer to know more about it.

PMI New Product Development SIG

The PMI New Product Development Specific Interest Group (NPDSIG) is a group of project management and product development professionals dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in these fields, and interested in drawing on each other’s expertise to achieve and maintain world-class project management practices within the world of new product development.

The objectives of the SIG are:

  • To explore new ideas, applications, and solutions to project management and Product Development challenges.
  • To learn how other companies manage Product Development projects and avoid pitfalls.
  • To foster communication and networking opportunities.

The NPD SIG offers 3 principal means of communication and collaboration to its members.

  • A newsgroup hosted through Yahoo allows for the open discussion of topics of interest and allows practitioners to ask questions, etc. of each other
  • A quarterly newsletter, in electronic pdf format
  • This website, which will act as a resource repository and centre for communication

Anyone with an interest in PM and NPD is welcome to join this group, and contributions to are welcome. Go to PMI NPD SIG for more details or NPD SIG Newsletters.

My Involvement with NPD SIG: I am the Vice Chair for Communications for NPDSIG for 2009 and look forward to hearing from academecians, practitioners and researchers on their experiences, critiques and emerging thoughts in this field. I am more specifically interested in hearing from you about how you are innovating project management processes to facilitate “faster, better, cheaper” new product development; learning from other fields and cross-pollinating those concepts, ideas and experiences in your own field; learning from practices such as Lean Production, Lean Software Development, Agile, Scrum, XP, Kanban, etc.

Software Architecture Club

What: A “Software Architecture Club” (or SAC, for want of a better name for now) is envisioned as a community of practitioners with the aim to bring like-minded professionals together to further the cause of software architecture for the eventual benefit of IT industry.

Why: Indian IT industry is a key enabler of globalization in the knowledge industry. As we continue to march ahead, we see ubiquitous signs of fairytale success: several Indian IT industries are now in the (multi-) billion-dollar league, there are products coming out of India, several young professionals embracing the mine-filled path of entrepreuership with nothing but a dream in their sleep-deprivated eyes, and so on. However, there are also danger signs and tough challenges ahead: leadership crisis, quality of talent, product development mindset, entrepreunership, and innovation to name a few. While a lot of laudable efforts by trade bodies and motivated individuals are underway to address several of these key challenges, one key area that is not getting proportionate attention is Software Architecture. In the last 15+ years, we have seen hectic activity in the industry to address the then need of the day: process quality (late nineties), internet (during dotcom boom) and now entrepreunership and innovation. However, our collective ability to increase the size of this industry and do core product development in the coming years will directly depend on our ability to nurture top-quality talent in software architecture, among other things.

How: SAC proposes to create an eco-system for Software Architecture where:

  • new talent could be nurtured, existing talent could be mentored to acquire new and hone existing skills
  • practitioners come together, both online and offline
  • create awareness about what is software architecture (and also importantly, what is NOT software architecture)
  • arrange periodic (weekly / fortnight / monthly – depending on the community’s preference) face to face sessions to share learning, speaker sessions, etc.
  • create a body of work on software architecture at least within context of Indian IT industry
  • bring academia and industry closer to share best practices on software architecture in graduate / post graduate courses with the aim to improve quality of talent
  • promote software architecture as a career
  • engage Senior Management to have a better appreciation of software architecture as a field
  • share best practices to attract, retain and engage software architects
  • bring experts from Carnegie-Mellon University and other leading universities in this field (I am in touch with a company that specialises in this area, and they have evinced strong interest in getting involved in this community development initiative)

A one-year goal is to have first Software Architecture conference in Bangalore one year from now.

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Software Architecture Club
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