Don’t believe in yourself if you want to succeed !

I look at life in a slightly unconventional manner. While most people might laugh at the title of this article, I am fairly comfortable with it.

Let me tell you what I mean and why.

I believe we human beings have some kind of narrowband and broadband combi-filters in our brains which work this way: the narrowband filter programs the brain to achieve lower than where it is set, while the broadband filter programs the brain to achieve more than where it is set. We don’t know where the threshold is when something moves from broadband to narrowband filter or vice versa. However, it is logical to assume it takes far more effort to move from narrowband to broadband than to slip down the other way. Further, if you train your mind to achieve less than narrowband threshold, you will be surprised to underachieve more than what you would overachieve if you set your target higher than broadband threshold.

So, when I think I can’t run a mile in less than seven minutes, it effectively prepares my body not to exceed that expectation. When I train my mind that I can run the mile in less than four minutes, I still achieve less than that. It takes much more effort to achieve more than the capability, and I believe mind plays games to trick us. Now, turn it around and start telling your mind “I don’t believe in you putting a limit to what you believe I can accomplish”

Let me take my own example. In 2004, I found myself doing things that I never done before nor was trained to do: setting up new company, handling financial, legal, IT, HR, facilities, etc, etc. A person who believes in himself would have told himself: I know what I am capable of, I have never done it before and hence I don’t think I can deliver it. He might either say no to it, or ask several specialists on the team (that might slow down the decision process and the execution, or make it too costly, or both). But, what I told myself was: hey, I have never done this before nor I have any idea what this entails, but I will not let my small mind come in way of making me believe that this is beyond my ability. To that end, I will not believe in myself (that I am only capable of doing what my minds thinks I am capable of doing) but go beyond what meets the eye and what seems logical and try to challenge myself. It’s possible I fail in that process, but I don’t have any better option. So, let me go out and do it !

Next time when opportunity knocking your door appears to be a Mission Impossible project, think unconventional, think daring. Don’t let your mind fool you to set lower targets just because you have never done it before.

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