What is your cross-cultural quotient ?

This mail is doing its customary rounds on the net, and not for a wrong reason! Though there are obvious pitfalls of stereotyping people, it also serves as a handy learning guide, even a field manual, when the similarities are generic in nature, and far outweigh the minute differences that might make an individual unique and different from others, but not dramatically different from other fellow tribesmen. The fact is we are all different, and success at workplace is also impacted by our ability to recognize, appreciate, respect and work through such cross-cultural differences. In today’s increasingly globalized world, this serves as a good starting point to recognize that there are people different from us, and a team’s success is impacted by mutual understanding of such differences.

These icons were designed by Liu Young who was born in China and educated in Germany. She is an accomplished designer…check out her work at http://www.yangliudesign.com/. I found her usage of metaphors captured in nice little icons very interesting, and even if it is a gross generalization of human beings, it is a nice piece of creative work!

Legend: Blue –> Westerner, Red –> Asian





 Way of Life













Queue when Waiting




Me (I)




Sundays on the Road









In the Restaurant





Perception of each other




Things that are new




The child




What is trendy




The Boss




Moods and Weather




Shower timing




Elderly in day to day life








Three meals a day




Handling of Problems 








Stomach Ache 

10 thoughts on “What is your cross-cultural quotient ?

  1. Kaila Danese

    Im not sure about all the hoolpa around farmville. I know one thing for sure if you have lots of free time to kill then thats the game for you 🙂 My cousin is obsessed with it . Nice blog by the way

  2. Lara Wallace

    So many of your visual representations capture these complex cultural phenomena in such a simple and direct way. I love it! Great job.

    1. TV Post author

      Thanks…but I have just quoted Yang Liu’s work here. She is the genius who came up with simple yet so powerful icons. If she ever lands on my blog, I do want to go on record to say that it is her work 🙂

  3. connymaniac

    I’m really a westerner – besides the points “in the restaurant”: Coming from Vorarlberg (western part of Austria. In Europe if you just wanted to ask… 😉 one is always sitting on the loudest table. Especially if with other people from Vorarlberg.

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