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Toyota’s Wisdom for Tomorrow’s Managers…published

In one of my previous posts, I had talked about an article I wrote for business review magazine. It got published in the Dec 2008 issue. The article discusses following ten ‘wisdoms’ from Toyota for its managers:

  1. Open the Window. It’s a big world out there !
  2. Make the most sincere efforts in your assigned position
  3. Taking on challenges is the way to gain experience
  4. Be an Innovative and Creative Thinker

  5. More uncertain the future, more important to have courage

  6. If a problem is left unsolved and the superior is uninformed, neither Kaizen nor cost reduction can be applied

  7. Unless we establish a unique pattern of control and organization, no amount of financial resources will be sufficient

  8. Eliminate muda, mura, muri completely 

  9. Ask ‘Why’ five times about every matter

  10. Trust is key

You can read the article here.